Clickfunnels Review

Clickfunnels Review

Side note: If you came here by way of knowing clickfunnels thoroughly from my lovely community… please scroll to the bottom for the BADASS BONUSES you will get if you purchase clickfunnels through moi’. (Who puts a side note at the beginning of a page?)

Okay BACK to the article:

My mind is SWIMMING with so many thoughts but I’m going to structure this review for three tiers of people.

I’m going to give each a persona so it’s easier to imagine them.

1) The Hesitant Henriettas

Hesitant Henrietta
“Well, I dunno! What the heck is Clickfunnels even?”

2) The Researching Raymonds

“I am a part of 10 Clickfunnels related facebook groups. I’ve been reading for a year. I don’t even have an account yet.”

3) The Daamnn, Getting it DONE Daniels or Daniellers

“Let me just park my car here, paid for by Clickfunnels affiliate commissions.”


My goal in writing this review is to take you through the journey from Hesitators to Do-ers.  If I succeed in doing so, then I’m going to go to sleep HAPPY.

It’s 7am.

Yeah I stayed up all night.  Building funnels. With Clickfunnels.  Because the adrenaline is still pumping through my veins, LEGGO!

Okay, where are we? Oh yeah, hello Hesitating Henrietta.

Let me guess. You are afraid self proclaimed “I’m NOT a techie!” kind’ve person.  When talking about the internets, you tell your homies that you are Old School.  And you like it that way.  Or that shit is just whatevs and really, what’s a “funnel” anyway?

When you go to purchase items or when you go to figure out information on a website, there’s an eb and flow to the site.  You are taken on this journey of LOOK I HAVE SOMETHING FREE FOR YOU TO DOWNLOAD if I can only get your email in exchange.  You are then plunged into their world as soon as you want that freebie.  Then all of a sudden you start seeing more of them in your inbox.  You start warming up to this stranger.  OMG this person is quite the hustler, they’re giving you more free stuff!  The value you are receiving from being a part of this person’s email list is amazing! Oh, they’re all of a sudden asking for a favor? Oh, you guess you CAN support them after all this value.  It’s a limited time offer ending in 1 week?  And it is discounted at 10x the price?!?! With a deal of a lifetime ONE TIME OFFER IF YOU COMMIT NOW? YAAAAAAASSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

I hope I demonstrated to you the psychology of a “funnel”.  It generally pulls you into someone or some company’s world.  A world of a ton of value (if they’re good people) and then once in a while, they have an offer for you to purchase.  Or if they are an online store, they have many offers for you to purchase.

What type of buyer are you?  You either buy now or you buy when there’s a something limited or special about an offer.  Funnels help people get off your butts and start doing something.

If you are hesitating, Clickfunnels lets you automatically import someone else’s funnel so you can start customizing it to make it your own.  It’s only $19/month.* *If you import someone else’s fully made funnel*.  The best part is.  You STILL get a 14 Day Free Trial.

Here’s My Done For You Funnel

Researching Raymond, my PAL.

You know Clickfunnels SO thoroughly by now and you STILL didn’t pull the trigger yet? Or maybe you did and you started your $97/month plan like… 10 months ago.  And you built one funnel that flopped.  While someone like Tier5’s CEO Jon Vaughn went all in with the Funnel Hacks Package which saved him $8000+ Usually A $9770 value plus six months of Clickfunnels at the highest level for only $997. Look at his results after 5 months of using clickfunnels and going balls to the wall.

With Funnel Hacks you get

  • 6 months of Etison Suite which includes Clickfunnels, Actionetics, and Backpack (so you can create affiliate programs for your programs so others can sell for you). – $1782 Value
  • 6 Week Funnel Hacks Master Class – This is what Jon said was the most useful out of the entire package. – $2997 value
  • Instant Traffic Hacks – Well now you have funnels they show you how to get traffic to them. -$1997 value
  • Inception Secrets – Just COPY and PASTE their own sales scripts.  How lazy can you get? -$1997 value
  • SOAP & Seinfeld Email Sequences – Email sequences that will convert your subscribers to buyers -$997 value


And you’re getting all of this for $997.


“It’s not magic, it’s actually just countless long days full of ass busting for the last 3 months. This makes me want to work harder. That’s all I would say to you. This is not magic, I am not a marketer or great content writer. It is just a by product of the effort and work you are willing to put in.” – Jon Vaughn, Tier5 CEO


If you are STILL not convinced, you can still do the starter level.

Even if you aren’t using clickfunnels to sell your own things, you can start off as an Affiliate.  Sorta like a glorified sales representative.  If you can get 3 people (in the whole wide world) to sign up to clickfunnels FOR THEIR OWN USE, you have your monthly reoccuring commissions more than paid for.

Clickfunnels offers a generous 40% commissions monthly for as long as the people who sign up remain active.

And if you get to 100 affiliates, they will pay your car’s monthly lease.

I mean. DAMN SON!

AND you STILL have a 14 DaY FrEe TrIAL?!?

YES. Chill.

If you are skeptical about who actually wins this “dream car” award… here are over 50+ people who’ve done it:

I can’t have you chill for too long, because you might freeze.

Let me melt you with this.

IF YOU ARE STILL ON THE FENCE! LET ME PUSH YOU OVER (that didn’t come out right).

If you get clickfunnels through me.  Even if you feel like you’ve been on the $97 plan and now you are plannin’ to be a BOSS and upgrade to the Funnel Hacks Suite due to ALL the good deals… I’m going to throw in a free google chrome extension. Usually priced at $197 for lifetime access.

It pulls data from facebook groups and puts them into an email autoresponder for you so you can collect leads by growing your facebook group.


Just email me your receipt after you purchase clickfunnels.

Plus you get to book a free 1-on-1 call with me.

Plus you get my free Done For You FREE course funnel.  It has step by step video instructions on how to get started!

Alright. Let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help!


-Kim C. Dang

Super sleepy.


P.S. Was this like….too much for you?

P.P.S. I forgot to address the last dude.  Daniel/Danielle…. keep up the good work mang.


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